What Is Mystic Adventures?

Mystic Adventures is a game on Roblox that I’m making it is a anime mash up witch includes anime’s such as

One piece , Naruto and Avatar

The Animes that will be added after release are




And Fairy tail


You can have a chance to become a character by being Active we have a large roster of characters from many anime’s for you to choose from.

Character Creation

You first start off in the start screen you can only press new game after you press it then a menu will show up

It will show the Universes ,each universe gives you certain things for your custom character but doesn’t restrict you from going to different universes.

One Piece Customization Info

One piece lets you pick a race and if you get a devil fruit it won't have restricted moves

Now let’s get into the race ability's , mink gets electro , fishman gets fishman karate , human gets rokushiki and cyborg gets cyborg moves like a flame thrower Certain races will change your Appearance like fishman for example

Naruto Customization info

Naruto will give you two random charkra natures , be born into a random village and a random kg your kg won't have any restricted moves

Avatar Customization Info

With avatar you will get a random bending style/nation and A random sub Bending for example bloodbending

Discord and game link

Discord Code :

Game Link :


Now this is where the crossover part comes in every 30 minutes the IDG will open and if go up the platforms a menu will pop up showing the other universes and you pick the one you want to go to

I.D.G stands for inter dimensional gateway

Official Crews And Yonko Info

To be a official crew your crew must have 50+ members

To be a yonko you and your crew must be well known ingame and very very strong

Tailed Beasts

To be a tailed beast you must become a character go to the characters part of the wiki

The higher the tails the stronger the tailed beast is but the harder it is to control and master

You will Get the jinjuuriki‘s abilties for the one you apply for

Devil Fruits

Devil fruits spawn every 2 hours in east blue and every 1 hour and 30 minutes in the grand line if you picked one piece as your starting universe no moves will be restricted

The list of fruits is in the discord server

Devil fruit Moves


Wanderers are characters who survived there universe Destruction


Bounty Hunters


If you pick this you will not be able to join a crew ingame 

But you will get a power boost and you can take contracts for people to hunt  and you get lots of money and xp from it

Characters can’t be bounty hunters




Enforcers hunt down and bring pirates and rouge Shinobi to justice they can put handcuffs on people as a special move stunning them and as they go up the ranks they will get more special rewards but enforcers can’t kill you once they down you they can send you to jail where you need to break out or wait a certain amount of time  enforcers can’t join crews but can’t hurt other enforcers 

Characters can’t be enforcers

Deaths And Wipes

Normal People have 11 lives

Characters have 6 lives

When you use all your lives you get wiped meaning your data gets wiped if you were a character you are now a normal person and normal people just get there data wiped

When you Die you get knocked out you can be picked up or healed if you are healed you get to full Health You can also get finished By someone Finishing someone takes 5 seconds

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